Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Black Horse Keylogger

Program Options :

1-  Keylogg Every Thing Typed - u will get every thing typed

2-Sends Screenshot of pc every x seconds ( this option will send screenshot with every report )
3-Sends Notepad Data  - u will get any Notepad Data example ( txt files )
4- Sends Yahoo Chat Pms - it will send u any written data in yahoo pm

5- Record  Yahoo Pm audio - it will record voice when someone open ym and speak with another one and will send to u
6-  Basic - Advanced Binder- program has 2 kind of binders - basic and advanced  Binder ( Bindloader ) ( can bind txt       ,jpg,gif )
7- Sends Reports by ( smtp - php Mail - Ftp) u can recive ur reports via mail or ftp

8- Downloader to Make Server File Small - u can make ur server size 17 kb only!
9- Filter Spy to choise Softs u want Keylogg ( example u want get keyloggs from Hotmail u can use this option )

10- Icon Changer To change ur server icon

11- Get ip - Country - City  u will get ip - country - city in ur report

12- Small Ftp Client for Downloader ( small ftp client will make ur mission easy to upload server and create ur downloader )

13-Exe Deception to increase server size as u want ( if ur server size 80kb u can increase it to 90kb )

14-Auto Updater - u will get ur update in 1 mint

15-Working with Vista - Xp - Windows 7

16 - Send Yahoo Passwords All versions

17 - File Version updater - to update file version ,copyright,comments,etc

Smart Extension - to create shortcuts for file as ( txt ,jpg,wav,gif,png) New

19 - u can create server as bat, exe,scr,cmd,pif extension

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