Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Facebook Proxy with all features

Facebook proxy


1. Install ERSCA ROOT and intermediate security certificate. (Instruction here)
2. Click http://www.fb.walww.com and enjoy!

Features and limitation

Facebook: video does not work (IE & Opera partially supported)
Twitter: embedded images does not work
Gmail: YOU MUST switch to HTML interface
Youtube: Native HTML5 player supported

If something does NOT work just tell us and we fix it!


We do NOT collect any sensitive information (login, password, etc.) If you want to delete your Facebook account use this link


All vital data:
1. between you and proxy
2. between proxy and facebook
encrypted by SSL
You can switch manually all traffic to SSL but it can decrease performance.


This 'Like' button can be pushed only throught the proxy


remember that use this when u are using a proxy like port 80


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