Wednesday, 23 May 2012

How To Hack Gmail Accounts

Steps To Hack Gmail Account :-

1. Download Gmail Phisher ilAccountBySmartGmailPhiherBy GprsHub.Com.rar (New And Updated Gmail Phishing Page)

2. This is compressed in .rar so first extract the folder to desktop
3. Upload all three files to Or Any Other Hosting sites
4. Now shorten ( in every time for new victim .
5. Now, you have to send this link to victim and make him login to our fake phishing page.
6. Once you came to know that victim logined to our Gmail Phishing Page then check log.txt
7. In log.txt you will his username and password as you can see in below screenshot

All steps are done, By this method you can Hack Any Gmail Account Easily. But still we are one step behind. Its easy to create and set up a Phisher, Its bit hard to trap victim in our phisher. You have create new ideas which chatting and mean while have to trap victim. This method is known as Smart Phishing or Smart Phisher. By this you can Hack Gmail Account For Free

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