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How to use Keyloggers


Here is a DETAILED tutorial which contains every possible information that you need to know about keyloggers which includes how to use it, how it works etc.
 WARNING: I highly recommend that you read this post completely since every single piece of information is important.
I know most of you are new to the concept of keyloggers. For some of you, this might be the first time you heard about the term “keylogger”. So to give you a clear picture and make you understand better I would like to take up this post in the form of FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions). Here we go…
1. What is a Keylogger?
A keylogger (also called as spy software) is a small program that monitors each and every keystroke a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard. A keylogger program can be installed just in a few seconds and once installed you are only a step away from getting the victim’s password.
2. How Keylogger works?
Once the keylogger is installed on a PC, it starts operating in the background (stealth mode) and captures every keystroke of the victim on that PC. Let’s take up a small example: The victim goes to and types his “username” and the “password” in the respective fields to login. The keylogger silently records these keystrokes and stores them in the logs. These logs when opened up shows the captured “username” and “password” and will also tell you that they were typed in the Yahoo login page. Thus the keylogger loads upon every startup, runs in the background and captures each and every keystroke.
3. How to install the keylogger?
A keylogger can be installed just like any other program. Just follow the screen instructions and you’re done.
4. Do I need any special knowledge to install and use the keylogger?
Absolutely NOT! Anyone with a basic computer knowledge can install and use the keylogger. It requires no special skills.
5. Once I install the keylogger can the victim come to know about it’s presence?
No. The victim will never come to know about the presence of the keylogger on his/her computer. This is because, once installed the keylogger will run in total stealth mode. Unlike other programs it will never show up in start-menu, start-up, program files, add/remove programs and task manager. So the victim can no way identify it’s presence on his/her PC.
6. Can I be traced back if I install the keylogger on some other computer?
No, it’s almost impossible to trace back to you for installing the keylogger on other’s PC.
7. Which keylogger is the best?
Today there exists hundreds of keyloggers on the market and most of them are no more than a scam. So I tested some of the top keyloggers and conclude that the following is the best one.
  >>  SniperSpy
8. How SniperSpy works?
I will try to explain the working of Sniperspy in simple steps.
1. After you purchase Sniperspy, you’ll be able to create the installation module using easy set-up program. You need to email this module to the remote user as an attachment.
2. When the remote user runs the module it’ll get installed silently and monitoring process will begin. The keystrokes are captured and uploaded to the SniperSpy servers continously.
3. You can login to your Sniperspy account (you get this after purchase) to see the logs which contains the password.
9. I don’t have physical access to the traget computer. Can I still use SniperSpy?
Yes you can. SniperSpy supports REMOTE INSTALLATION feature which allows you to remotely install the program on any PC even if you have no physical access to it. For remote installation all you need to do is just place the module (refer FAQ-8) in a .zip/.rar file and send it as an attachment to the target email address (for which you need the password).
10. Can I install SniperSpy on a local computer?
If you need to install to your local (current) computer instead of your remote computer, then the process is simple. Simply navigate to the folder in which you saved your module ( Refer FAQ-8). Double-click the module filename to execute it. Nothing will appear on the screen as the software is installed.
11. What if the antivirus block from sending it as an email attachment?
Instead of sending the keylogger as an email attachment, it is recommended that you place the file in .ZIP/.RAR format and upload it to After uploading, just send the direct download link to the victim via email. Once he downloads the file from this link and run it, the keylogger will get installed automatically. 
12. Why SniperSpy is the best?
  • SniperSpy supports REMOTE INSTALLATION feature. This feature is not present on most of the keyloggers.
  • SniperSpy is fully compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7 and alsoMac.
  • SniperSpy canbypass any Firewall.
  • SniperSpy is more reliable than any other keylogger program. You need not rely on your email account to receive the logs. Instead you can just login to your online SniperSpy account to receive the logs.
  • SniperSpy captures full-size screenshots of the activities on the target PC.
  • Records BOTH sides of chats / IMs in Google Talk, Yahoo IM, Windows Live and more.
  • SniperSpy is more easy to install and requires no extra knowledge.
  • SniperSpy is recognized by BBC, CNN, CBS and other news networks. Hence it is reputed and trustworthy.
13. How safe is to use SniperSpy?
Sniperspy is completely safe to use since all the customer databases remain confidential and private. SniperSpy do not collect any information from your system other than the information required for the product’s successful operation. They will not contact you in any way unless you request assistance.
14. Is my online order 100% Safe and Secure?
Absolutely Yes! All the e-commerce transactions for SniperSpy is handled by Plimus – they are a trusted online retailer specializing in digitally delivered products. All your information remains private and secure. The safety and protection of your personal information is 100% guaranteed. So you can place your order for SniperSpy with no worries of scam!
SniperSpy is completely reliable, safe and best keylogger out there. It is really worth the price that you pay for it. I promise that you cannot get a better keylogger than this. So what are you waiting for? Go grab SniperSpy now!

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