Saturday, 19 May 2012

Trick To Download Unlimitedly From Megaupload

Just to remind you all, if U r using Firefox, there is an addon that allows you to bypass the megaupload bit where it says country slots are full, or you have downloaded too much so soon.

It's called Megaupload SX.3.2, you can get it from the link below.
With this software, you can download more than two or three links at the 

same time from Megaupload.



 Follow the following steps:
1. Download the addon[a few kilobytes][works only for firefox]
2. Go to tools and then enable the megaupload option
3. Enter the Megaupload url in the address bar and press enter
4. Enter the code and click on free. Then download!!!

Note that each time you download, ensure that the megaupload option is enabled!!!
After install, it will suggest you to restart your browser. Do it.
After restarting your browser, make your that the megaupload option is activated. ( tools-> megaupload->enabled)

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