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Hack any computer,U can operate or hack any other computer from your computer,U can hack his computer,copy files from his computer to your computer without his knowledge & put files from your computer to his/her computer.

Remote Hacking is 90% undetectable .

Here we learn to hack a computer any where in this whole world.
A Major Notice If you are behind a router you will need to port forward your router. To do this you can use a DMS. Its hard to explain as every router has a different interface ( homepage that has a different layout ) so i suggest you go to Google and search It will teach you how to port forward your router there.

To begin with you will need these three tools,download them given below:




After downloading these tools ur first step is to open Yuri Rat and then click on server build

You should now have the following the screen

In this screen I want you to put your IP address into the DNS/IP section.

To get IP Address go to Start > Run > Type CMD and hit enter. When the black box appears type in IPCONFIG. You will then have your IP Address

Port: You Can Leave As Default (-7898-)

Assigned Name: Doesn’t effect how the server will work its just to keep you more organized so if you wanted to hack your friend “JOE” and specifically make this server for him then you may want to type something like “JOES TROJAN”.

Server Install Name: You should leave this as default as I myself don’t know what the difference is as every server you make is named server when it is 1st created anyway. Do not change it as it may make problems but I am not sure.

Ok as you can see there are more settings on the right hand side. I am going to recommend you settings for different purposes.

To Hack A Friend For Fun: Uncheck Everything Unless You Want To Do Optional
(OPTIONAL) Melt Server - Your server will disappear into another folder
(OPTIONAL) Custom Icon if you want to make it more believable or something then get an icon of super Mario or something you get my drift

To Find Out Valuable Information: Check Everything

Now You Are Finished Click Build.

Your server will then be saved to your C:\ or Hard Drive which ever you know it as. Now we are going to make the server about 90% Undetectable. Only once has one of my servers been detected by an anti virus and I think it was a Norton not sure which version. Ive scanned more then once with Kasper Sky & Symantec Anti Virus and every time they said its clean so lets begin

Open Up Daemon Crypt

Select Your File by clicking browse and going to the folder your server is in. If you have not moved it, it will most likely be in C:\

So Now You Have This

Click On Crypt and then you can close Daemon Tools

Now Install Your Pc Guard for Win32

When you open it you should get this

Ok you have to do basically the same thing as what you did with daemon tools. Click Browse and then find your server so that you have this

You then want to click on the General Settings and put these settings

Ok now you want to go to customization and make sure nothing is ticked

For the last step you want to click the protection methods tab and set it to plain. And then click on protect

Your server is now undetectable =)

Ok so now we created our server and everything is ready to go. Now our real work start trapping, say ur friend this is nice article on hacking or a sexy pic of a star, or u can trap him/her depending upon thier likes, The Server has been send to their system & they have opened it. If you checked the melt server option then the server will basically evaporate into their computer.

Ok so now you have the server running on there comp and it has opened up the default port for you to connect to.

Once again open Yuri Rat and click on listen. Yuri rat will then listen for your online servers that you have gave to people running on the default port 7898. If the person who you sent the rat to is not online you cant connect. When the server you sent out to his/her a balloon notification will pop up. Note that yuri rat should still be listening for the servers. The server will show up in yuri rat. You right click and press connect. And there you go. you are now successfully connected to your victim

Now withoutt up-loading plugins from yuri rat to his/hers pc u r able to operate certain files or programs such as download files from there pc & place ur files onto his/her pc.

When you are connected click on plug ins and them upload all of them.

You will then have access to keyloggers, screen capture and much more.

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