Monday, 11 February 2013

Make a photo background in drives

Perform the following steps ..>>
Open notepad and copy the following code :
[{BE098140-A513 -11D0-A3A4-00C0 4FD706EC}]
iconarea_image= D:\Wallpapers\c eleb\ g
iconarea_text=0 x00FFFFFF
Here, the path in the 2nd line of code represents the path of your picture. so just change at dere only....
Now save this file as DESKTOP.INI in the location(any drive or any folder) where you desire to set the background picture.
After setting it in your favourite location,close the drive and open the location again.
DONE !! .. your picture has been set as background picture for your desired location.
NOTE : Make sure that the extension in the path should be.jpg only and file should be saved as DESKTOP.INI only.

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