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USBWebserver – Create your own Portable Web Server

If you are looking to make a portable web server , which you can carry around on a USB stick , CD, or an external hard drive. I recommend you to try USBWebServer A program for Windows that lets you create a portable web server, thus letting us to take it anywhere.

USBWebserver is a combination of the popular webserver software: Apache, MySQL, Php and PhpMyAdmin. With USBWebserver it is possible to develop and show your php websites, everywhere and anytime The advantage of USBWebserver is, you can use it from USB or even CD
Now, after downloading USBWebServer (which is around 15 MB). You will have a  web server that runs on Apache and MySQL. And can be run from external devices like pen drive, CD, etc.
USBWebserver lets you run
  • My.ini
  • php extensions
  • PHP Version 5.3.9
  • Apache 2.2.21
  • PhpMyAdmin
  • MySQL 5.5
Other than that, with this program you can configure the port for Apache and MySQL.  if you want to use another port. This can be easily by just heading to the “Instellingen”  tab and then define the  link port for MySQL and Apache.
USBWebserver is perfect for:
  • Showing a offline version of your website
  • Anywhere and anytime develop php websites
  • No need for expensive hosting
  • Working at multiple locations at projects
  • A good test before putting your website online
  • And many more
So if you are a webmaster and you are looking for how to create portable web server?, from now onwards you must have your own portable server USBWebServer.

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