Saturday, 16 March 2013

How To Create Web Server On PC, The Fast Way

First and foremost, download Reactor Server. Reactor Server is a one-click-installation that will configure all these 4 components for you.
Once the .exe if downloaded, double click to launch it. Keep hitting next until you reach the installation of files. Once installation’s done, Reactor icon and folder (see left) will be created on your desktop. Double click on Reactor Servericon, click on Start Server and basically that’s it! Your local webserver is up and running.

Reactor Server comes with OpenSSL, Zend, PhpMyAdmin, Php-Nuke, Zina, Apache, PHP, Perl and MySQL preinstalled.
By default, PHP-Nuke CMS will appear when you clicked Localhost or type http://localhost/ in your browser. To remove PHP-Nuke, simply delete all files inside Desktop\Reactor\Core\htdocs\. Remember, whatever files you put inside \htdocs will be accessible as web pages.
Example \htdocs\index.html = http://localhost/index.html
\htdocs\mywebpage\index.php= http://localhost/mywebpage/index.php

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