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  • [WIN 8] How to Refresh Your Windows 8 PC
  • Much faster startup time, and improved overall performance.
  • New Start screen with live tiles that update with app info such as arriving emails, news items, weather, and stock tickers. Default apps are included that provide all this.
  • Syncing with all your PCs through Microsoft account sign in. This capability syncs personalization preferences, Internet Explorer favorites, backgrounds, WiFi passwords and more with cloud-connected accounts.
  • New App Store. The apps sold here will run on both Windows 8 tablets and full PCs. The apps will have to pass standards, and can be updated and installed on multiple PCs in your account (just as with the Mac App Store). They'll also get the ability to connect

  • with other apps for services like email or social network updating.
  • SkyDrive cloud storage that any new-style apps can use.
  • Improved battery life for laptops as well as tablets.
  • File History—automated backup and versioning utility.
  • Faster Wi-Fi reconnect times.
  • A much improved browser, Internet Explorer 10, with far better support for the new HTML5 standards and faster performance.
  • New Task Manager and more informative file-moving dialogs.
  • Trusted Boot. This prevents malware from loading before the OS, on systems with UEFI boot. In general, security in Windows 8 is much tighter than in Windows 7 (though we've heard that song before).
  • Built in Consumer apps—People, for social network contacts; Photos, Mail, Messaging, Calendar, and Video.
  • Xbox Music—a free streaming music service similar to Spotify.
  • Storage Spaces—Lets you easily use multiple drives as one large virtual pool of storage.
  • ISO mounting. The OS can now make a disc image file appear as a drive.
You'll get all this and more for a mere $39.99 upgrade from Windows XP and later. And don't forget that Windows 8 runs on any hardware that can runs Windows 7. It will also be able to run any programs that run under Windows 7, unless you opt for a Windows RT tablet, which will only run (some) new-style Windows 8 apps.


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